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What are the best websites for digital nomads?

Answered by Linas Vastakas, entrepreneur

Apart from, of course, our own website for digital nomads - BeNomad, which has a digital nomad community, nomad stories and wiki (and yes, I'm obviously biased on this one), other ones are:

  • Nomad List - probably the biggest website for digital nomads that has detailed city information, a forum, a chat, a remote jobs board, and some other useful things.
  • Remotive - Remotive has a pretty nice newsletter with useful tips and job offers for digital nomads;
  • Workfrom a handy website that helps you find a co-working space wherever.
  • r/DigitalNomad on Reddit - a pretty active subreddit with lots of discussion about resources, the lifestyle, etc.
  • Digital Nomads Around the World on Facebook - one of the most active Facebook groups that gets hundreds of daily posts discussing particular issues related to the digital nomad life.

Bonus: Check out our community where you can network, share advice and create partnerships with digital nomads.

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