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What are the best websites to inform yourself about the situation in a new destination ( cost of living, where to find apartments, security situation etc.)?

Answered by Leo Kipfelsberger, Facebook marketing consultant

I use the following 3 websites to inform myself about any new location which I will be travelling to.

Nomadlist In order to get a general idea for a new location, Nomadlist is a great starting point. It will give you an overview of the average cost of living in a certain location, the best neighborhoods to live in, a community forum of people who are currently based there (this feature is only accessible to subscribed users of Nomadlist) and much more.

If I am just in the scouting phase, I use Nomadlist to compare locations to one another and use its handy features to check what the best time of the year would be to visit a new location and who else is currently there that I would like to connect with.

Workfrom Once I arrive at a new destination and I would like to get out of my Airbnb and find a cool new workspace, I use workfrom to compare locations.

The website lists wifi speed, the comfort of seats, noise and many other factors that will help you consider where you would like to work from.

You can compare anything from bars, cafes to restaurants and coworking spaces. It is a community platform that relies on contributors to write reviews for fellow members.

Spotted by locals

If I want to explore sights off the beaten tourist path, I use spotted by locals to get an insight what a new destination is like from a local perspective.

Spotted by Locals is a website and app that specializes in travel guides with up to date info by handpicked locals in cities in Europe and North America. The city guides are compiled by "Spotters" - people who live in the city they write about and speak the local language.

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