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What are the main differences between working remotely and location-based jobs?

Answered by Saba Bosuener, remote travel agent

I'd say the most obvious one is not having any commute time. If I have an early shift, I can wake up a few minutes before, grab my laptop and I'm good to go. In other cases, it might take me an hour just to get up and ready and then have the commute time. That being said, you are able to chose your workspace, whether that is your bed, a café, or a coworking space, you can decide where you want to work from. Another advantage would be not having to deal with office drama.

I am fortunate and am very happy with my team but I have been in situations where I had an office job and was not the biggest fan of my colleagues.

Working remotely gives you the freedom not to be distracted by unnecessary issues.

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