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What are the most surprising aspects that you learned about your own character since you started travelling/leaving your comfort zone?

Answered by Ella Gordon, travel influencer

The most surprising aspects I've learned about myself within the past two years traveling are that I am capable in pursuing independence whilst doing what I'm passionate about and that I have an open mind and ability to connect with people from a thousand different backgrounds. They aren't necessarily "surprising," as I have always held these personality traits, but seeing them blossom and turn into so much more has led to my confidence, respect, and acknowledgment to every open door of opportunity awaiting me. Surrounding myself with people of different ethnicities, cultures, mindsets, and goals has given back so much more than I could've imagined. It's made me more understanding of situations, open to new ideas, and gain an appreciation for the hardships we encounter. When you leave your comfort zone, you become emerged from different experiences, environments, and relationships. All of that has such a large impact on how your character will slowly play itself out.

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