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What are the other tasks that you have to do as a freelancer aside from client work?

Answered by Thibault Lemaitre, digital marketing consultant

I've been lucky enough and have been able to avoid spending too much time doing contracts.

Generally, I send a quote and detail some of my services. Then we can negotiate, but generally that's about it. The proposal part usually can be taken care of by email or even a quick skype call to recap what we're about to do.

However, in terms of tasks, I constantly have to do my own accounting, but I've got reminders set up in my to-do app of choice. I spend a decent amount of time chasing payments, especially when dealing with bigger corporations that have complicated accounting departments.

Sometimes certain clients want me to create some reports for them or to review what I've done over the past month. This is outside of the day-to-day but does take a decent amount of time.

That's about it though, which is not that bad.

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