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What are the top five skills that every digital nomad should have?

Answered by Ian Chew, content strategist

  • Being able to strike conversations with strangers. If you're able to quickly integrate yourself within the local community and make some quick friends, you will get the best lifestyle and business opportunities out of each town.

  • The art of communicating digitally, I mean primarily via emails, Skype and Slack. Communicating digitally has its own nuances that are different from in person communication. And, more importantly, if you have clients in different time zones, you will realize the importance of communicating clearly and frequently so that all parties have the same expectations and the right KPIs are achieved.

  • Marketing and selling. Both skills are the lifeblood of the digital nomad lifestyle. If you can't get customers OR convince someone to hire you remotely, you won't be able to sustain yourself financially.

  • Personal finances management: Expenses WILL add up as you move between place to place, and you need to do the right financial planning so that you always have a buffer for emergency situations like medical.

  • Stoicism / mindfulness: This might seem more of a mindset than anything else, but the ability to accept and reframe challenges will come in handy when you are in an unfamiliar environment, where even the smallest frustration can be amplified in your mind because you're not used to the new surroundings yet.

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