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What are your most effective client acquisition channels and how do you create interest in your service offerings?

Answered by Thalassa Van Beek, content marketing expert

Every business is different, and so is every target audience. That's what you should look at first: ‘Who is my audience?' The next questions is ‘What is their online hangout?' Another thing you need to consider is ‘What type of content is suitable for my business?' All those answers combined should lead you to your best channels. If it youth, you probably want to go to Instagram and Snapchat. If you make beautiful or funny videos that are longer than 1 minute, YouTube is of course, great, and Facebook will probably work well, too.

For me personally, Facebook and Instagram have been good, and especially Facebook Groups are working very well for me. In addition, I work on what I call my ‘personal PR'; I'm a guest in podcast interviews, write guest blogs, and give presentations and workshops.

Both with this personal PR and with my Freelance Kickstarter Facebook group, I give advice and help aspiring freelancers as much as I can. That way, I build up trust and credit with my audience, and some point, they will value my advice so much that they want to invest in my course, knowing it will bring them even more. The same goes for my online marketing clients - I believe those strategies can work in every industry.

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