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What are your preferred channels to meet like minded entrepreneurs and individuals to draw inspiration from?

Answered by Becca Brittain, social media marketer

I want to find a balance between life and work, that, dare I say it, tips in favour of the life part, I'm a singer and holistic therapist as well as a marketeer & writer. This year, as well as travelling around the globe I'm learning guitar, interviewing people who I give free Reiki sessions to & starting my book which is looking like a ‘Post 30, existential crisis survival guide / Travel memoir'. I'm yet to find an online support group which reflects this kind of niche! Instead I've devoured every related book I can find such as All Over the Place, adventures in travel, true love & petty theft by Geraldine Deruiter a full-time traveller & brain cancer survivor & The Artists Way which is basically a remedy to blocked or staccato creativity.

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