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What are your top 5 best books related to becoming or being a digital nomad?

Answered by Thibault Lemaitre, digital marketing consultant

Very good question. I think there are only two resources I can point to, in terms of things that were either useful, or inspired me to take this trip:

  • The first one was a former blogger who decided to travel the world after studying for his masters, and he ended up recording of logs that he would publish on a weekly basis. Then at the end of the year, he worked with a production company and edited it in a documentary that is 2 1/2 hours long. I started hearing about him while he was on this trip, and to this day I still watch his documentary about once a year at least! Now, it's available for free on YouTube.
  • Another one is someone called Colin Wright. For a while he would let the readers of his blog decide where he's going to travel next, 3 months at a time! He released a short book retracing his adventures. That was another one where I followed that person for a while, and then ended up reading that book thinking to myself: "What if..."

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