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What banks do you recommend for a digital nomad?

Answered by Johnny FD, entrepreneur & podcaster

Regardless of what country you're from, everyone needs to have 2 banks at a minimum as it's very easy to get locked out while traveling abroad and have all of your money tied up. That way you have TWO seperate ATM cards so you are never without money even if you lose one or it gets eaten by the machine. I actually have 3 as i'm super paranoid of being without money and only go home once a year.

As an American, I use Marcus for high yield savings as they pay 2% interest, but they don't let you log in from overseas so I have to use a VPN which worries me if they stop giving me access one day. That being said, I also have a Charles Schwab account as they have $0 fee ATM withdrawals worldwide and actually refund fees that other banks charge you, Fidelity does this too.

Just a warning: make sure you either invest money with them or use the card to buy something (online) or in person locally in the USA once every 4-6 months or they will close your account for taking advantage without giving them back value. I also have a local Bangkok Bank just because I spend so much time here in Thailand.

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