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What best advice do you have for engaging an online community?

Answered by Jill Stanton, Entrepreneur & blogger

This is actually one of the biggest Q's I get since I built and grew 2 free Facebook Groups (totalling over 55,000 members) for 4 years and it all comes down to this: Engagement takes time!

Now, I know that isn't always what you want to hear because we all want to see results NOW...but truthfully, consistency and presence will be 2 of the biggest factors in building engagement.

I dive into a LOT of strategies inside this post (which focuses mostly on building engagement inside FB Group...but can be applied to almost any kind of community).

Another key thing to keep in mind when talking about engagement is just because people may not be actively posting or commenting, it doesn't mean they don't get mad value out of the conversations and threads!

Some people (myself included) prefer to lurk! But even though I'm a lurker in a lot of groups, I still find them mad valuable and will mention them to other people.

Simply realize that people receive value in different ways.

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