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What have been the biggest hurdles so far travelling as a family?

Answered by Kierstan Streber, life coach

We never know what an Airbnb or hostel will really look like until we are there, so sometimes childproofing can be an issue. Sometimes it is loud and sometimes he cries in the middle of the night which makes us worried about others. However, San Francisco was loud and we lived in an apartment. Unfortunately, this can create us letting Otto into our bed more quickly or appeasing him because we are worried about bothering others.

Kevin and I really value time without Otto (for him, for our sanity and for our relationship) so we have to find childcare in various countries which can be difficult, expensive and sometimes risky. Buying purified water is a must. And, finally we have been surprised (but usually pleasantly) by the approaches that other people take towards our kids. In America, no one touches your baby. They often ask permission if they are going to. In South America otto will sometimes get kisses on the top of his head by passer bys and in South Africa waitresses and waiters will just take your baby, parade him around the restaurant "so you can enjoy your dinner." Once you are familiar with the culture it's actually really sweet. Otto has had really great encounters with strangers. Other than that he is really adaptable, requires a little more baggage but eats everything and loves everyone.

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