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What have been the most challenging moments of road tripping for an extended period of time while juggling work projects at the same time?

Answered by Shae Pepper, blogger & photographer

The days in which we move from one location to another, while also trying to fit in the "fun" of traveling, is when it's most challenging to juggle work with full-time travel. My work is blogging, photography and helping with social media for my family's travels, but with three sites the daily work mounts up quickly. Then add in an hour at each end to pack and unpack the car, the time driving to the next location and finding fun along the way, the day quickly gets away from me.

An example of a moving day's schedule: 7am- wake up, exercise, walk dog, get ready, have breakfast 8am- finish up last minute online items 8:30-9:30am- packing the car and checking out 9:30am-10:15am- travel to activity 10:15-2:15pm- activity and lunch 2:15-4:30pm- driving towards next location 4:30-5:15pm- stopped for activity along the route 5:15-6:15- driving towards next location 6:15-7:15- check in and unpack 7:15-bedtime- dinner, walk dog, write posts, check emails, update social media, respond to social media comments, work on photographs, etc.

While this isn't every day, it's a common occurrence. Some days we don't move to another city or accommodation, but we do more in an area, or have up to a 2-hour drive to and from an activity based on the day's schedule.

Even on days where we take a break from seeing what's on offer where we are, it's hard to get caught up with writing because you just want to rest and have some downtime. The biggest key is not getting behind, otherwise you have more than one post to write per day, and for me I'm working on two sites and helping my husband with a third.

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