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What have been the toughest challenges bootstrapping your own business while starting to travel continuously? How did you overcome these challenges?

Answered by Becca Brittain, social media marketer

My main challenge was balancing ‘going on adventures' with work. I struggled to find the balance between the two & found myself worried about client campaigns when I should be ‘in the moment' enjoying a new city. Some days were 10-hour bed-bound WiFi-binges followed by the upside of stress-free ‘holiday' days spent playing Frisbee on the beach. A familiar twitchiness would set in after the 36 - 48-hour mark where I find myself attached to a screen for another social media strategy session or PR spree. I'm getting better at the balance part by using planning tools like buffer & Facebook's scheduling tools plus being less hard on myself.

Honestly, I struggled with feelings of guilt of living the lifestyle of my dreams and getting paid to do it, I now realize this is a limiting belief that would keep me small so I'm stepping into and claiming my power as an independent, individual business owner.

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