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What is doing the Nomad Cruise like?

Answered by Patrick Farrell, photographer and software engineer

The best way for me to show you what Nomad Cruise is like is really to let you watch this video that I helped create on Nomad Cruise 5.

This is really a day in the life of Nomad Cruise and this experience has really changed my life. I'm about to get on Nomad Cruise 7 from Barcelona to Brazil and I will continue going for years to come I'm sure.

It is all about skill sharing, meeting new people, and creating a community and being inspired by others. The community that we are building is definitely one of the biggest benefits. It’s an amazing group of individuals from all over the world that are building business that make an impact. We now meet up a couple times of year for this nomad cruise which keeps the community together and growing. I have been invited so many things because of this community and some of them have driven the work that I’m doing now.

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