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What is the best global mobile SIM card solution for digital nomads?

Answered by Leo Kipfelsberger, Facebook marketing consultant

In my experience, most frequent travelers will often just switch sim cards once they arrive at a new destination.

Phone plans abroad can often be much cheaper than in your home country. In SEA data plans of 8GB per month are often as cheap as 10 USD.

In case I need to verify my identity or have to deal with any scenarios where I have to verify my phone number from my home country, I always carry that sim card in my wallet.

If you are looking for a one suits all SIM card approach (which might be more expensive) check out OneSimCard.

It works in 200+ countries and offers a variety of data plans.

Data plans: from $0.05 per MB for their Plus package (limited availability) and Data, $0.03 per MB for Europe. Data packages vary based on which SIM you're using and where you're going, but as an example, 1GB of data valid for a month in many European countries costs $19 on the Super Select Data Package.

Outgoing calls: $0.29 per minute for Plus (voice packages are available) and Data, $0.25 per minute for Europe.

Another solution is worldsim.

Data plans: Rates start at $0.10 per MB, but data packages are also available, starting at $13.50 for 500MB valid for a week. Prices for both casual data and packages vary depending on your destination, but most packages work across several countries.

Outgoing calls: rates start at $0.18 per minute.

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