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What is the hardest part about YouTube?

Answered by Jacob Laukaitis, marketer

The hardest part of doing YouTube is definitely the fact that results (almost) always come really slow. There are millions of videos being uploaded every single day, so there's obviously a ton of competition and getting noticed definitely ain't easy.

That's why the best tip I can give on doing YouTube is this - DO NOT THINK ABOUT THE RESULTS. Don't start doing YouTube thinking: "I'll become famous"; "I'll become rich"; "People will recognize me on the street, that's so cool" or whatever else.

The only way to succeed on YouTube long-term is simply to love making videos and to love sharing them with the world. If you spend 50 hours filming and editing a video and you get 29 views, it doesn't matter! Why? Because you enjoyed the process of making it and you want to watch this video when you're 85 years-old. That's all that matters.

If other people eventually start discovering and loving your work, that's AMAZING. If not, don't get discouraged because you didn't care about the views from the start, so you're happy. And, ironically, this state of mind will also make you more unique because you won't copy anyone so you'll just be your true self and people absolutely love that.

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