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What is your worst work experience with a client as a social media marketer?

Answered by Leo Kipfelsberger, Facebook marketing consultant

My worst one was a client who had contacted me 10 days before her next webinar was supposed to go live and wanted to have an entire sales funnel setup with a marketing and retargeting strategy in place by the time the webinar launched.

I told her that given the time frame, this was quite impossible to set up while preventing any technical hiccups.

She decided to go forward regardless and I decided to hire a couple of freelancers to help with the tasks.

Throughout the duration, she tried to micro-manage every aspect of the setup thereby slowing down the process enormously.

2 days before we were supposed to go live, she had a panic attack as her content for the webinar was not yet ready and decided to cancel the entire contract.

At the time, I was still linked to a freelance site and did not want to risk negative reviews - so I took the hit, allowed her to cancel, and had to pay off the other freelancers.

Shit happens. Lesson learned.

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