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What learning platforms did you use in order to become a digital nomad?

Answered by Thibault Lemaitre, digital marketing consultant

When I started freelancing, I was working from home. Then, I started taking little trips to cities around me, for the day, and seeing how much of my job I could do on the go, on my Mac, iPad, or even from my phone.

Then I extended these little trips: what if I take a week to go to Paris? What about London? Am I still able to get work done for my clients?

After two more trips, I knew that if I could manage the time zones, it would be possible for me to travel around the world while working for my clients.

It's worth mentioning that, luckily enough, I don't have a lot of meetings, so it's easy to make a trade off and stay up until 11pm for a meeting every once in a while.

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