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What strategies do you use to nurture and retain current clients?

Answered by Kevin Lew, digital marketer

Building long-term relationships is what I am striving for with every new client that I take on.

One of the many ways is to retain your clients is to seek frequent contact with them and ask them for their needs. This enables clients to express what they think and, more importantly, what or how they feel about the process. This allows us to identify our unhappy customers before we churn or lose them.

Another way could be creating an attractive referral program that benefits them. Customers are encouraged from the moment they purchase products or services to refer a friend, and the rewards are worth it. If it is done right, referral systems can be really effective for retention.

I focus mostly on customer database or in other words; e-mail marketing. It enables me to deliver personalized emails to my clients, ability to measure my success in deliverables, to increase my brand awareness and relationships with a few clicks of a button.

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