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What strategies do you use to turn potential prospects into clients?

Answered by Thalassa Van Beek, content marketing expert

I think the most important thing to get someone from lead to client, is to listen to them and understand what their goals are and what exactly they need. This is for a couple of reasons.

First of all, nobody likes to be pitched within minutes after meeting. It's a little bit like dating: when you meet someone and he or she starts off by telling how great they are, you'll lose interest quickly. That's just not how it works. The same goes for talking to potential clients.

Second, people simply like to talk about themselves and their business. So ask them all about it and understand what their motives, values and aspirations are.

But the main reason is that once you understand what it is that they need, you can tailor your pitch towards their desires, making it very personal. By now you should know some of their pain points, and you can address those and exactly tell them how your services can help specifically them.

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