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What tools do you use for freelancing?

Answered by Thibault Lemaitre, digital marketing consultant

Generally speaking, I try to adapt to my clients - so if they're using a product management tool like Trello or Basecamp, I'm pretty excited to join. Or if they manage their community on Discord, Telegram, or communicate through Slack, then that's something I have to be a part of obviously.

Personally, in my social media work, I use Buffer.

For my own client management and invoicing, I used to use Thrive, but recently I've moved to And.Co - after their acquisition by Fiverr, they've opened up their product to be free. They also have their own ways of tracking when a client sees an invoice and a one-click payment solution too, which can help clients who are a bit slower to pay you.

I recently moved from Evernote to Bear (Mac/iOS) for my notes, and any text that's in between notes and a blog post. It supports Markdown, which is my #1 way of writing.

I use Droplr fairly heavily to share screenshots really easily.

Lastly, one of the most used apps on my Mac is called Station: it's essentially a wrapper that opens as an app where you can plug all the web services you use. For example I can have one single interface to have access to my 4-5 different Slack communities, Discord, Zendesk, Google Hangouts, FB Messenger, Google Docs, and many more. Simple but powerful as hell, in terms of not opening 5 different windows and keeping my web browser clear of too many tabs.

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