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What travel advice would you give to someone, who is is planning a long-term trip around the world on safety, money, or anything else?

Answered by Adrian Ingram, e-book publisher & Youtuber

I'd recommend keeping your plans very flexible. You'll meet people along the way who will recommend places to you, so keep your options open! If you book things last minute, you'll be able to stay in places longer if you like them, or move on faster if they aren't exactly what you were hoping for.

As far as safety goes, I've never had any issues. I would however recommend doing a little of your own research on each city before you arrive. Make sure you know the customs, what areas are dangerous, and any scams to avoid.

Finally, I'd say that adding an extra 10-20% to your budget is always a good idea, just in case some unexpected expenses occur!

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