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What types of services within the law sector can be carried out remotely?

Answered by Larissa Bodniowycz, remote lawyer

Areas of law that don't require frequent (or ideally, any) courtroom appearances or frequent in-person client meetings are best suited for remote work.

Business transactional and non-profit representation are both well-suited for remote work. My focus is on small business transactional (non-lawsuit) work. I help businesses with things like forming an LLC or corporation, drafting contracts, negotiating contracts, filing trademarks, answering general questions like "Am I allowed to-" or "what do I do about this letter I received in the mail?" I also help with resolving disputes before they result in a lawsuit. None of these require being in a courtroom or generally, appearing anywhere in-person.

Certain types of immigration law and estate planning can also be delivered very effectively remotely (or primarily remotely). With some creativity, a lot of areas of law could be done remotely, even more traditionally courtroom heavy areas. For example, a remote attorney could partner with another attorney who loves being in the courtroom but hates writing and tackle the writing component of family law cases while letting the courtroom attorney make appearances.

Really, a lot of areas can be adapted to work - in a lot of ways, it is more about finding the right client base. Some clients will love working with an attorney remotely while others like the personal touch of meeting in person. Neither is right or wrong, just different.

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