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What was it like for you to become a digital nomad in 2003?

Answered by Dan Lawrence, SEO and e-commerce specialist

I had just started my shop (i took my first online order in 2002) and was busy with it, and my family invited me on holiday with them to Corsica. I obviously did not want to turn down a holiday and of course was wanting to see how possible it was to actually practice Digital Nomadism.

Since I could not afford anyone to look after my business, I decided to take the risk of joining my family and just hoped that I would be able to stay connected enough to keep my business running.

It turned out to be a nightmare, obviously wi-fi didn't really exist then and dial up was very tricky so I had to resort to using my old Nokia phone for data and on roaming, eeek!

I came back from that 2 week experiment in Digital Nomadism with an £800 pound data bill that eliminated any profits and a major loss.

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