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What was your greatest cultural shock during your travels as a digital nomad?

Answered by Thibault Lemaitre, digital marketing consultant

That was probably in Shanghai last year.
For the entire duration of my trip, I wanted to find Airbnbs with locals in places that were far away from big groups of other westerners or digital nomads in a co-living house.

So I arrived in Shanghai and realized that my hosts live in a neighborhood where I was literally the only westerner and more importantly, where no one spoke English. Traveling to a big city like Shanghai, I assumed that most people would know English, but I was very wrong.

In addition, there's a funny thing in Shanghai where you're either Shanghainese or an outsider. That's valid for both continental Chinese people from other places or foreigners. There's no conflict, no animosity, but it's just living life on two different lanes.

Needless to say that as I planned to visit Korea after Shanghai, I started spending many hours trying to learn basic Korean in 3 weeks, haha!

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