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What were the biggest preparations you had to take care of before deciding to live a nomadic lifestyle as a family?

Answered by Kierstan Streber, life coach

There was so much we had to do in preparation! We moved out of our apartment, sold, donated, and trashed most of our belongings (we stored some too). We made sure we took our child (1.5 year old Otto) to the pediatrician, and asked for their advice. We made sure he was updated with shots (and we had records of his current shots). We put together a first aid kit that would be useful with or without a kid, but it would most likely have been forgotten if we didn't have a child. We also purchased a travelers health insurance policy through IMG for around $700 to make sure we are covered for any medical issues that might arise. Of course mail forwarding, monthly subscriptions, and other admin tasks had to be taken care of as well.

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