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What would you do if you made your income completely passive as a digital nomad?

Answered by Leo Kipfelsberger, Facebook marketing consultant

My 5 year goal is to create majorly passive income streams that will allow me to spend my free time on things that I care about.

I've worked for a while in the international humanitarian sector for a governmental body and while the work was very insightful, I also realized that I personally would never really be able to make an impactful change.

Your efforts are often lost in the larger bureaucratic picture that comes along when several international organizations are trying to solve a million problems all at once, and salaries aren't necessarily so high that it would allow you to start projects of your own.

Digital marketing, however, has allowed me to create far greater and far more passive income streams that I had ever benefited from before.

Once my income streams are mostly automated, I would love to help my girlfriend (who is a professional dancer) to build a dance center in Ethiopia for children who have experienced challenging childhoods.

Humanitarian aid, when applied right, can help us make a change to a number of peoples' lives.

But, it does not allow you to create income streams to make a change yourself.

Internet marketing is not super rewarding for anyone who wants to work on solving socioeconomic problems but it can provide you with the financial means to start a project of your own.

I think that together, these two would allow me to build a career that is financially interesting while providing me with the means to work on projects that I genuinely care about.

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