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Where do digital nomads get their medical check-ups done?

Answered by Saba Bosuener, remote travel agent

As I travel continuously, I mainly rely on my global travel insurance in order to get treated for check-ups. Therefore I do not receive any special perks when I am in my home country which means I do my medical check-ups when I see the need arise in the location where I am at the moment.

Many digital nomads I meet, however, still have stronger insurance coverage packages in their home countries which means they usually just get treated abroad whenever unforeseen incidents occur such as accidents. For everything else, many of them choose to get regular check-ups in their home country.

So far I have used the following insurance providers and have had good experiences with both of them

World Nomads

They provide coverage such as trip cancellation, emergency assistance, and medical check-ups. A great feature of this company is that you can register to their insurance policy even when you are in a foreign country already. They will give you a quotation based on several parameters like date of travel, destination, etc.

Allianz Worldwide Care

Allianz provides various plans and offers which also include serious chronic conditions other than normal check-ups, doctor visit, medical expenses on a day-to-day basis; it also includes emergency treatment, surgery or even maternity care.

Credit Card Insurance

Depending on whether or not you possess a credit card it is worth a look at their policy. Often credit cards include insurance coverage for trips booked with that specific card to amounts of 90 days.

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