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Where do you get better returns as a social media marketer? Instagram or Facebook?

Answered by Leo Kipfelsberger, Facebook marketing consultant

It depends on which audience and demographic you are trying to target. Instagram is a platform which appeals to a large millennial audience and it's visual content in contrast to text-based ads.

Therefore, if you want to promote a fashion, makeup, or lifestyle online store, Instagram serves as a great platform to connect you to people who are likely to respond to visually appealing creatives/photos/videos.

Instagram content is also very short lived and short in duration. If you have a product whose benefits can be outlined in a 15 sec Instagram story ad - these types of creatives can do exceptionally well as they are currently still underused by other marketers.

In comparison, Facebook ads can be used to target a much older demographic while at the same time using more drawn out content and more elaborate sales funnels.

For example, if I have a client who wants to promote an high ticket info product to a 40+ age group audience, I will most likely select Facebook as the platform of choice.

Partially due to the demographic factor and also to the nature of Facebook video ads which can commonly be 10-minutes long and still enjoy a high watch rate which allows for a much more elaborate value delivery and sales pitch. This video is an example of a 10-minute ad that collected over 500,000 USD in revenue.

The choice of platform really just depends on what your offer entails and what your ideal customer demographic is. Based on that, you can choose a platform which best suits your needs.

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