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Where do you think digital nomadism is headed in the next 10 to 15 years and do you think this can actually have a real effect on nation states?

Answered by Dan Lawrence, SEO and e-commerce specialist

I believe that technological disruption and digital nomadism will render traditional geopolitical structures (like physical nation states) obsolete and simply irrelevant.

Digital nomads will be the pioneers and ambassadors of political & social disruption by virtue of living and working in a technologically enabled, decentralised fashion and being the innovators that develop new technology, systems and processes to efficiently facilitate this, which surely must, and can only, result in a political paradigm shift.

As people organise more in a decentralised fashion with governing themselves with their own decentralised systems, we will evolve virtual state systems, rendering traditional geo-political state systems irrelevant. The traditional states will not be able to function efficiently and certainly will not be able to deliver social justice

Digital nomads that create and contribute to the virtual states of the future will simply bypass most geo-political limitations/issues by definition, and in the few remaining geo-political issues they will have a much more progressive and pragmatic mechanics of decision procedure. They will also have a genuine shared desire to achieve solutions to those problems where possible.

Crowd sourcing the energies of those that genuinely care for a pragmatic and implementable solutions to a problem and via an efficient decision procedure mechanic (virtual governmental systems) should not encounter any problems here, whereas traditional and most importantly centralised geo-political entities have always been bound by their physicality to be biased towards physical national interest and not an efficient compromise solution that is in the genuine interest of all stakeholders.

Finally, as digital nomads become more ubiquitous, the name 'digital nomad' will start to disappear, and it will actually just become normal, so helping to conserve the political changes this will have helped create.

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