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Who qualifies or doesn't qualify to be called a digital nomad?

Answered by Jacob Laukaitis, marketer

In my opinion a digital nomad is:

"A person who is completely location independent and can work from absolutely anywhere as long as they have their computer and a Wi-Fi connection".

I don't think traveling the world is the biggest upside of the digital nomad lifestyle... it's the freedom to live anywhere, for as long as you want.

So if someone falls in love with surfing, they can move to a tiny surf town in Australia and, as long as they can connect to the Wi-Fi, stay there for as long as they like. Likewise, if someone likes hiking more than anything, they can spend their days living in the Himalayas, while keeping up with work.

It doesn't matter how much you travel or if you travel at all - if you can work remotely from anywhere you go, you are a digital nomad.

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