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Why are you building a personal brand?

Answered by Kristin Wilson, relocation consultant

I decided to build a personal brand because I realized how intertwined my identity and businesses were. I'm basically the face of my business. While this makes it difficult to sell a business, I realized that I should embrace being a "jack of all trades." There is value long-term in building a personal brand, since you will always be you. :sparkles: My passions include writing, speaking, and teaching, so building a personal brand is the best way to communicate my ideas, perspective, and value to my industry and potential clients. For many years I was only known within a niche market, so I decided to build a personal brand in addition to any businesses I might be operating at the moment. A personal brand is long-term, while a business idea can have a short lifespan.

In 2018 and beyond, I believe that many people can benefit from having a clear personal brand. It just depends what your goals are. If you want to work on a remote tech support team or open a drop shipping store, you may not need one, but if you are going to freelance or be a thought leader or influencer in your industry, it's really important that the right people can find you.

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