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You are very good at connecting with people and making friends. How do you meet new people while traveling?

Answered by Thibault Lemaitre, digital marketing consultant

I'm lucky enough that I already had friends in most of the places I traveled to last year. Some was pure coincidence, and some I knew about in advance. To give you an idea:

  • Dubai: a good friend of mine was there, hosted me, and took me around the city!
  • Shanghai: friends happened to be there, that I reconnected with.
  • Seoul: my cousin had a friend who was in the city - he linked us up, and this dude then introduced me to his Korean friends. After that, I hung out with all of them a few times.
  • Australia: 5-6 different friends across Sydney/Melbourne + a cousin in Brisbane (that I met for the first time- Long story explained on my Brisbane/Toowoomba vlog)
  • Vietnam: friends backpacking + my girlfriend's extended family
  • Singapore: my French volleyball coach from when I was a teenager lives there and he was able to host me. Some of the friends I met in Korea are from Singapore and they showed me around too!
  • Malaysia: friends backpacking (in Vietnam) met up with us
  • USA: my girlfriend's family and friends

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